Appearances 2017 GypsyGather

Last summer we lived with and learned the life cycle of the gypsy moths that invaded our woods. The piece I installed today around a lone tree in Dunes Edge Campground for Appearances Provincetown is an abstraction of all the stages--larva, pupae, fluttering males and  females born unable to fly, heavy with eggs. The materials are ceramic, mostly off-casts gathered to recycled from another project and mylar, which if the rainstorm tomorrow  doesn't bring it all down, will survive to catch your eye with fluttering light catching movement. 


Out On a Limb in Pashchima Namarskar (reverse prayer)

From a series of Personal Challenges, this figure is in a posture that I approach with hope that someday I will get there, hands in prayer position between the shoulder blades,  just not yet...


Saggar Fired Selection May 2016

Here are currently available piece each with two views.
Altered Flame Painted Vessel 10 x 10 

WashAshore Bowl on Rocks 9h x 11" 

Flame Painted Egg Urn 10h x 7" 

Bulb Form 13" h x 10" 

Woven Lid Jar 9 x 9 SOLD

Woven Lid Jar 11h x 10 

Flame Painted Vessel 1 9h x 11" SOLD

Flame Painted Vessel 2 12 h x 10" 


ALT clay Hess Gallery Pine Manor College

ALTclay at the Hess Gallery, Pine Manor College, Newton.
Gallery talk Thursday 11.19.15 at 10:30 am. through 2.16.16
The show was reviewed in Artscope Magazine Jan/Feb 2016.
Pick up a copy or read it here: PDF
ALTclay press release image

installation image
Taxonomy of Sorts

SMFA Art Sale

SMFA Art Sale 2015 Events and Public Hours

Thursday, November 19, 2015 (10 am–8 pm)—opening celebration from 5–8 pm
Friday, November 20, 2015 (10 am–8 pm)
Saturday, November 21, 2015 (10 am–8 pm)
Sunday, November 22, 2015 (10 am–5 pm)

My work in this sale. 2 Large vessels, 3 small bowl, 3 cairns, and 4 yoga posture sculptures.

Fuller Museum Acquires Motzkin Spirit Keeper

I am delighted and honored to announce that the Fuller Museum of Craft in Brockton MA has acquired this large "Spirit Keeper" for the permanent collection. This piece is flame painted in my unique saggar fire method and has my signature woven clay inlay in the lid. I consider it one of the best of the large vessels I made in the 1990's. The purchase was made possible with the help of members the Newbridge on the Charles community.


See How the Water Falls at AMP Gallery Provincetown

The installation, "See How the Water Falls" is up and running in the courtyard at 148 Commercial Street in Provincetown. The first show of the season opens Saturday, May 23, 6-9 pm.
I made this water and clay work with Ned Levering. We intend for the piece to continue to flow and to change through out the season. Here's a few early shots:

ahdo mukha vriksasana



Legacy of Fire: Clay Dragon Studios Revisited

The Dragons reunite at the NCECA Reception 3/28

Closing Reception with Artist Talks, Sunday April 26, 2-5

Ellen Grenadier, Abby Huntoon, David Judelson, Jod Lourie, Judith Motzkin, Ritvaliisa Ojanen, Ellen Schön (curator), Richard Studley, Nancy Train Smith, Kyoko Tonegawa

Dedicated to the memories of Shellie Z. Brooks and Elee Koplow

 From 1976 – 1984, ten ceramic artists operated out of a dynamic gallery and cooperative workspace in the historic A. H. Davenport building in East Cambridge, Massachusetts. Named Clay Dragon Studios, this collaborative became a springboard for creativity and an influential foundation for numerous artists in contemporary ceramics. Now 30 years later, this retrospective exhibition showcases the rich range of mature styles, diverse materials, and new developments of former Clay Dragon Studios members.

Weight by Judith Motzkin Photo: Ellen Schön

Deep Roots and Firm Foundations